Friday, September 7, 2012

Inspiration Paying Off (Latest Video)

Wow - what a short week, and a full one too! We visited Santa Fe and Chimayo, two cities in our new home of New Mexico. I finished two paintings and my second video. I guess all the inspiration suggestions are paying off. I don't know if it's been the resting, the rubbing elbows with talented people, reading the beautiful magazines I got in the mail, journaling, listening to music, or all of the above, but it feels good.

Painting helps me take whatever is in my heart and put it onto canvas, whether it be the beauty I feel looking at a flower, or peacefulness I feel gazing at a large expanse of ocean. This latest painting, though, encapsulated a different feeling. Not one that I usually paint, but it felt good to get it on canvas and not hold it inside. 

I was videotaping as I went along. Sometimes with help from my family. It is not an easy task to hold a camera in one hand and paintbrush in another, let me tell you!

The best part about the video is the music. One of my extremely talented friends, Patrick Thornton, shared this song with me and I am now sharing it with you. He plays bass on the song, and I hope to share more of his music in the future. This song is Cassidy Ford's, "Blindsided". Check out more of her work at :

I also wish to thank Samantha Flaming and her daughters for posing for me for the painting.

Have a great weekend!

~ Zan

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